Clover Mini POS

Clover Mini POS is an all-in-one system that takes care of your payment processing, POS Register, Taxes plus anything your business needs now and as you grow.

It is Full-featured tools for your business, at your fingertips . Keep your inventory organized and accessible with categories, labels, modifiers, and variants.  Track sales as they come in, wherever you are. Log in from anywhere any time for info at a glance, from hourly sales and top-selling items to refund and discount volume. Building your tribe Collect and manage customer contact info and marketing preferences, so you can engage with them on their terms.

clover mini POS with cash drawer

Essential Apps for Every Business

Clover Register app logo


Take orders, add or remove items, and accept payments.

Clover Orders app logo


Look up orders and do more with them such as take payments or issue refunds.

Clover Inventory app logo


Allows you to custom built your Inventory or just import it in.

Clover Customers app logo


View customer information, transaction history, and marketing preferences.

Clover homebase time clock logo

Time Clock

Manage employee schedules, overtime, timesheets, payroll exports, and much more.

Clover Online Ordering

Receive and process online orders from customers easily, quickly and cost-effectively.

  • Online Menu easily configured through the Clover Dashboard
  • QR codes and social media links to drive your customers to your online menu
  • No need to have own webpage

Check our demo Clover online ordering store.

Customers Ordering Website

  • simple and intuitive
  • quick to load and navigate on any mobile phone or browser
clover online ordering store

Check out experience

  • Special instructions
  • Items with modifiers
clover online ordering selection of modifiers

  • Tip option avaiable
clover online ordering payment with tip function

Are you still OK with limitation of traditional POS?

old registry with cash drawer
  • Can’t electronically send information
  • No remote access to information
  • No backup of information
  • Manually maintenance of paper receipts
  • Keys can become dislodged and/or sticky
  • No inventory management<l/i>
  • Reporting limitations re: historical lookup, summaries, details etc.
  • No gift card capabilities
  • No employee time clock capabilities
  • Can’t customize receipts
  • Can’t usually connect to peripheral devices (e.g., barcode scanner, weigh scale, external printer)
  • Discounting capabilities are limited
  • Stand alone credit card terminal required

Clover Mini to Mini setup

Clover Mini is built for SPEED. The dual setup allows you to tether two devices to one another. One for the employee entering in the sale amount and the other for the customer to complete the sale.

What Clover Mini can do versus an Electronic Cash Register:

Clover Mini POS versus old looking registry
  • All-in-One Payment Device (no separate payment terminal required!)
  • Saves countertop space and looks great
  • User friendly interface (Android O/S)
  • Intuitive set up and installation
  • Remote access with enhanced reporting capabilities, including taxes
  • Auto-backup of information, eliminating the risk of data loss
  • Integrates to peripherals (barcode scanners, printers, weight scale etc.)
  • No need to buy expensive and fragile iPads / tablets or PCs
  • Mobile ordering and payment available via Clover Flex
  • Stay current with latest Clover software updates and enhancements
  • No upfront cost