Blueline Point as your payment processing advisor, would like to highlight what is available these days in terms of modern payment devices and POS systems.

(1) Clover Capital – Quick Funds Available for You

Do you want to expand? Make renovations? Upgrade your equipment? Purchase Inventory? or, even improve cash flow? With Clover Capital, it’s easier than ever to save the funds you need to turn your future credit and debit card sales into working capital.


How Does It Work?

  1. Apply. To start, just tell us a bit about you and your business. It’s quick. Besides, you’ve got other things on your plate today.
  2. Get Qualified. Approved applicants get their working capital advance amount based on their average monthly Visa, Mastercard, and Interac Debit processing volume. Brilliant, right?
  3. Repay Based on Your Sales. You won’t get stuck with a fixed payment that your current sales can’t support. Repayment is made using a small percentage to your daily sales. When sales are strong, you pay more whereas when sales are slow, you pay less. Unlike a loan, Clover Capital has:
    • No fixed term
    • No fixed payment amount
    • No interest rate

    (2) Clover Status Page

    Save Clover status page to your browser or subscribe to updates so you will be informed about occasional system disruption, status updates and potential action to be taken to resolve the issue.



    (3) New Generation of Clover Devices


    Clover Flex gen 3 sales screen

    New Clover Flex 3rd Gen

    • Improved wireless charging
    • Sleek looking 6″ large screen with disappearing borders
    • Faster processor, more memory
    Clover Mini 3rd gen register app

    New Clover Mini 3rd Gen

    • Bright, durable 8-inch screen
    • Light displays to indicate where to insert the credit card
    kds kitchen display

    Clover Kitchen Display

    • 14″ screen protects from water and dust, heat resistant up to 122 F
    • Supports high volume kitchens and multiple stations
    • Replace kitchen printer, no need to order paper